Advocating for more Marine Protected Areas

  • Hong Kong waters are rich in marine biodiversity and home to close to 6,000 marine species, including the Chinese white dolphin, the endangered green turtle and vibrant coral communities. But unprecedented threats posed by coastal development and habitat degradation are destroying havens for these marine species, threatening their survival.

    Conserving important and sensitive habitats provides a real opportunity to secure the health of our marine life. Designating a marine protected area (MPA) network with best available practices and effective management will bring about these benefits:

    • Increased abundance, biomass and diversity of species

    • Safeguard endangered species and recover natural habitats

    • Regenerate local fisheries

    • Drive the development of other peripheral industries, such as eco-tourism and diving

    However, 5% of Hong Kong’s waters have been designated or planned to be established as MPAs by 2023. We can do more. WWF urges the government to build a network of MPA covering 30% of Hong Kong waters by 2030 to safeguard valuable marine species and their habitats. We could lose valuable marine resources and habitats if we do nothing.